KlicWow Statement of Values


This is first and foremost a community project that supports our commitment to lifelong learning.

  • We believe in education.
  • We are committed to maximizing opportunities for all of our children.
  • We believe in our parents and our educators.
  • We are committed to helping them, to supporting them.
  • We believe in nurturing the whole child.
  • We are committed to more than just handing out tablets.
  • We believe that technology must be fully embraced.
  • We are committed to the potential of technology in all aspects of our lives.
  • We believe that there is already enough evidence to suggest that tablets and other technologies are very helpful to early learning.
  • We are committed to providing tools to our early learners and tips to the parents/guardians of our early learners.

latest donors

  • donors
    Jonny Carter
    10 April

    $ 50

  • donors
    Howard Porter
    10 April

    $ 100

  • donors
    Ayoub Ameqran
    10 April

    $ 80

  • donors
    Tayri awragh
    10 April

    $ 40



KLiCWow is not a one-year project. We plan to distribute tablets and Wow Pouches through 2018.

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