Your Donation to KliCwow Can Make All the Difference
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Your Donation to KliCwow Can Make All the Difference

By klicwow

Since coming up with the initial idea for KliCwow and bringing it forward to the community, we’ve been humbled time and time again by how much support we’ve received. Because the goal of our project is to help every three and four year old in Clermont County, it truly takes everyone’s help to make that happen.

As we transition from summer into fall, we want to give up an update on our progress. While we’re very happy with how most of the pieces of the project have come together, fully securing all the financial resources we need to make this project a complete success is still a challenge.

With the number of days until mid-October getting less and less, we’re asking the community we care about so much to come together and help give us a final push to the finish line. Every donation matters, which is why we want to share exactly what we’ll be able to accomplish with the support of your donation:

Maximize Opportunities for Every Clermont County Child

We strongly believe that every child in Clermont County deserves the opportunity to establish the foundation for a successful future through learning. However, when children aren’t able to join an early learning program for any number of reasons, that disadvantage may continue to plague them throughout their educational experience and beyond. One of the objectives of KliCwow is to eliminate that disadvantage and maximize opportunities for every child.

Provide Support to Both Parents and Educators

Just as KliCwow wouldn’t be possible without the support of a community, raising and educating children isn’t possible without support from multiple parties. That’s why we’re committed to helping both parents and educators have access to the resources they need throughout the process of guiding children’s cognitive growth and development.

Create a Positive Association with Education

Research has found that one of the reasons more children don’t pursue career paths involving math is their early exposure to this subject creates negative associations. By providing tablets that are pre-programmed with interactive educational programs which teach subjects that include pre-math skills, we want to do our part to help reverse that trend.

Kickstart Children’s Technology Skills

Ask any expert in a field like labor economics, and they will say in no uncertain terms that technology will be a driving force behind all future career paths and options. The younger children are exposed to mastering technology, the more intuitive any technology they encounter will be. This type of digital literacy is essential for every child and a cornerstone of what KliCwow is doing.

As you can see above, your financial support will make a real difference for the future of Clermont County. We are setup to accept both one-time and recurring donations online, so please help KliCwow help our community’s children by donating today!

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